2 ARCSCAN FOR ARCGIS TUTORIALExercise 1: Raster tracingArcScan makes it easy to create new features fromscanned raster images. This process can significantlyreduce the time it takes for you to incorporate raster datainto your vector database.In this exercise, you will generate features from a scannedparcel map by interactively tracing raster cells. You willbegin by starting ArcMap and loading a map document thatcontains the raster dataset and two shapefiles.Starting ArcMapBefore you can complete the tasks in this tutorial, you muststart ArcMap and load the tutorial data.1. Double-click a shortcut installed on your desktop or usethe Programs list in your Start menu to start ArcMap.2. Click the Open button on the Standard toolbar.3. Navigate to the ArcScanTrace.mxd map document in theArcScan directory where you installed the tutorial dataand select it (C:\ArcGIS\ArcTutor is the defaultlocation).4. Click Open.Changing the raster layer symbologyRaster layers must be symbolized as bi-level images to usethe ArcScan tools and commands. You will change theraster symbology from stretched to unique values.1. Right-click the ParcelScan.img raster layer in theArcMap Table of Contents and click Properties from thecontext menu to display the Layer Properties dialog box.2. Click the Symbology tab on the Layer Properties dialogbox.2342Ch02.pmd 05/18/2006, 3:13 PM2
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